Plainfield Art League

Join PAL $40 per year

PAL Members Benefit from the Following:
Monthly Meeting & Program (with summer break)
Art Education
Summer Field Trips
Sharing Techniques
Fund Raising
Raising Community Awareness of Fine Art

Corporate Sponsorships Available


Since you're here, you might as well join PAL by filling out the online registration below. 


You can mail in your check for $40 or bring it to the next general meeting.

If you want to pay online, click on the Donate button at the bottom of the page and donate $42, that is $40 for membership and $2 paypal fees.


If you are more comfortable with paper forms and US mail, click on the following link:

PAL Membership Application Form

and print it and mail it with your check or bring it to the next general meeting.

Plainfield Art League
PO Box 1543
Plainfield, IL 60544

NOTE: Your contact information will be put into the PAL member database/email list and occasionally used to send PAL newsletters and email updates.

To register online and to digitally sign the application form, please fill out the information below and click on Submit.  The Membership dues are due at registration time and then October 1st of every year.